Flunked Up

Posted on May 16, 2008 at 11:57 Down the Drain

I feel so <insert title here, all lowercase> right now. One day, I’ll create a virus less than a megabyte but is capable of a complete system destruction.

Edit: Okay, so I found these quizzes in Aurus‘ blog. I suck big time (as predicted). I really need to improve my geography. 😡


Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Finland, France, Greenland, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Myanmar, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, Uruguay, Zimbabwe240 remain!


Black, Blue, Blue green, Blue violet, Brown, Fuchsia, Green, Grey, Maroon, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose, Sky Blue, Violet, White, Yellow220 remain!

Edit II: Just came in from Omp’s Corner. Played Billiards. 🙂

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