Looong Weekend

Posted on September 10, 2011 at 22:34 Life List

Would you believe it was already two weeks ago? Silly time, having to fly fast again…

The plane still managed to touch down Iloilo City despite my mobile phones not being turned off. Shame, isn’t it? That should already be around 8:00 and I was very delighted to see vans that are transporting passengers to the city proper for only 50 pesos. Another hour of travel via jeepney and I was already back in the town where I spent my college years and to the dormitory where I spent my last three years. Two dorm mates accompanied me for dinner—classic sisig and buttered chicken —at Omp’s Corner. We got back past 11:00—beyond the new curfew—and I was just astounded at how true what the dorm staff said was. The TV hardly interests the residents. They’re all busy looking at their laptops while the appliance just lies there, eating up electricity. The place was very nostalgic that I thought of staying at the lobby longer. But I just got drowsy in no time.

Mugged Oblation

I got up early on Friday, eager to see a tennis class by my volleyball, <guess what>, and badminton teacher. Sadly, there wasn’t. While waiting for my classmate who was also to claim her diploma, I broke the fast at Heaven’s Bliss which is now in a new location. (I was glad that the folks there still recognize me.) Claiming the diploma was a breeze. They just needed an ID and voila! It’s all yours. Included in the photos we took on our way to our college was a mugshot with the document. 😆 The first room we visited was the department office. It was quite a funny scene. I peeked at the room only to see a different face on the department head’s seat. At the same time, he started to recognize me. Apparently the new head is no longer our prof, but the Mathematics prof who taught us Linear Algebra. Just across the room, was the Computer Science faculty room. Our thesis adviser had such a good smile on his face. After describing the nature of my job, he immediately concluded, “So it’s something like Business Intelligence.” I was so pleased for I knew that no further explanation was needed. Finally! Someone who understands what I do… 😎 We had lunch with them, surfed using computers in the laboratory, and explored the remaining laboratories. Damn, they’re already on widescreens and Ubuntu!

Before going back to the city, we dropped by Lola’s Inn for some pancit canton. The manang there, who I wanted to see, was out studying. Rain fell, and it was time we leave… HASA, an annual university event where guys cross-dress and take on roles depending on the concept (this year’s was cosplay), was held that night. Twitter kept me occupied throughout the contest, posting lines that really got me laughing and cheering. Smallville was the place to be thereafter. I and my classmates did karaoke at Pirates. It was a whole lot o’ fun. The girls were screaming the instant one of the boys started dancing. :laugh: And thanks to a friend, we didn’t end the night there. We proceeded and smoothly entered this new bar called Aura. The girls easily got tired though. 🙁

Ramboy's » Starbucks » KFC » Afrique's

Ramboy’s accommodated us for brunch on Saturday. The place was refreshing and I have no idea if it’s already been there all along. We toured the city’s IT Park and a classmate did the infamous planking on a rock along the way. Many considered it an epic failure though. 😆 Starbucks by the new Plazuela establishment was the next stop where another classmate joined us. KFC then had us snacking and Afrique’s for dinner. I’ve been hearing about the food of the latter all my college life but I never really got the chance to taste them, only now. I bought a bucket o’ red horses for everyone before we parted ways. Last stop for me was the McDonald’s my high school classmate is managing. Another classmate who’s taking up Medicine also met me there. Well, I was simply disappointed at how they failed to be hospitable. Neither was willing to let me sleep at their place… 🙁

Taphouse » MO2 Ice

Because simply staying at my college classmate’s place on a Sunday, waiting for the night to commence, was impossible, we invaded the nearest court and played five (or was it six?) Badminton matches. He used to be my greatest archenemy and apparently he still is. The games kept my alcoholic blood flowing. When darkness ate the light of day, we went to this one place I never thought ever existed. We were at Taphouse, where the buckets were cheap and you can have any combination of the bottles! :crush: MO2 Ice was the bar for the night. We were but lucky to have a table in the middle of the chaotic room emptied as we arrived. Yes, that only meant we partied hard into the night! The group’s only girl’s place accommodated three of us, where my classmate, yet again, planked. It was on the sofa this time and everyone still considered it an epic failure. :laugh:

And so I was on my second to last day in the city. I moved out of my classmate’s and transferred to the city campus dormitory. The room was all mine; slept the whole afternoon and went back to Taphouse when night fell with the friend who got us into Aura. I had a great time chitchatting with him; a good friend who just knew a lot of dirty little secrets. He wanted to go to MO2 but the dorm curfew had me locked. My last day was spent in the mall. To my delight, I was able to purchase a sweatshirt and a statement shirt. :cheerful:

So… Did I say too much? Sorry, but just hours ago I decided that a long weekend should translate to a long post. :tongue: If you read it all the way, thank you. Very much.


  1. gravatar.com maanism
    September 12, 2011 at 17:17

    ’tis was really a long post. an agonizing post for me i should say. shet. while i was reading, i wanted it to end at every paragraph. each new paragraph was a hell of envy for me. shet shet shet. hahahaha. wala na lang unta ta ka gikulit for a new post da. had i known. tsk tsk tsk. 🙂


  2. gravatar.com maanism
    September 12, 2011 at 17:21

    P.S. the planking was a disgusting epic failure. kinsa mn intawn ang nagconvince sa iya to do it in the first place uy? Xa ang ako sisihon sa kamaliang nangyari. hahaha.


  3. gravatar.com Euri
    October 25, 2011 at 10:59

    Yep, I got new layout! :3

    I never knew you were the sporty type doing lots of sports. And ohh! Diploma! :3


  4. gravatar.com Hiyono
    November 18, 2011 at 13:54

    Ooooh… you know, this feels anime-ish. All this talk about food and fun made me hungry and thirsty for some. I wish to experience something like this soon. Haha. Umm, er, I’m back by the way. 🙂 Nice to see this blog is still up. Haha! 😀


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