Pwning the First Quarter

Posted on April 5, 2012 at 23:43 Life List

What’s this year again? Golden Dragon, right? Oh, that’s Water. You see, this is what happens when New Year strikes and you intend to make some year-end post but find yourself writing nothing. Well, April’s here, and I’m about to turn another year around.


Despite all chances in the past, it was my first time to attend the Sinulog festival. On the night before my flight were the wildest parties. You know, the type that instantly makes you realize that next year you’ll be doing it again. Beers were splashed around as if the streets were beaches. Sadly, I had to call it a night at one o’clock. (Yeah, boo.) At the airport, my ATM card got blocked.

  1. Machine was, let’s say, Bank A’s.
  2. Card inserted was Bank B’s.
  3. I also have a Bank A card.
  4. PIN inputted was that of Bank A’s.

Thankfully, I borrowed money from friends before getting on the cab to the airport. That’s how my arse got saved from being left by the plane. In the darkness of the night, I had sunglasses on. :laugh: To my discomfort, the stewardess awoke me when I had just fallen asleep. Turns out the aircraft’s already landed and everyone’s already deplaned. 😯


It was time for a much awaited Hong Kong trip. UNFORTUNATELY, (yes, it has to be in CAPS) two of us didn’t make it while the other one did. Like her flight, ours was delayed too; moved to a different gate, bought something to eat, had our names called on our way back, and hurried to an already closed gate. :wtf: I’d bet my balls that we were called only once. They claimed there were three. We weren’t even given time to reach the gate when our baggage was already on board! Cebu Pacific Air was such a bitch. Their management sucks like a porn star. The days that were supposed to be spent partying in another country were spent on checking our friend’s whereabouts. It was her first time, after all!

On other news, a classmate’s daughter, who’s a goddaughter, celebrated her first birthday. Many people who promised they would go didn’t come. Seriously, it’s the most frustrating feeling when someone commits to you but end up not showing the slightest sign of life on the agreed schedule. One should at least have the decency…


…would be the month I never thought it would be. Every weekend was an official getaway!

Manic March

  1. Spearheaded (wow, that sounded just like a statement in a resumé) the biggest, by far, gathering of our college batch in Metro Manila. It was a blast. Classic!
  2. Went to Camaya Coast on the morn after I turned lots’a bottles down with college buddies. Thanks to my noisy ring tone, our sole soon-to-be lawyer almost threw my BlackBerry out of the window I arrived at the meeting place just in time.
  3. Trekked the wonderful ruins of Pinatubo and swam in the great crater lake! It’s hard to imagine that it’s where it exploded. The freezing water was worth the long walk and scorching sun. Going there with no sunglasses would be like suicide. Jump shots: 1 2
  4. Joined a roommate in college and his friends in a rather unusual bar. That’s on the night after the day of our volcano exploration.
  5. Experienced Baguio for the first time but was disappointed at how it was not as cold as I expected it to be. Our stay with the relatives was matchless.
  6. Splash Island! People flooded the entrance with such a tense atmosphere due to the resort’s poor processing of the discounted vouchers everyone had. The queues to rides? Everywhere. :faint:
  7. Played tennis after two years! With playmates/sports fest opponents from college!

Tomorrow’s Good Friday. Repent in one way or another!


  1. Aencille
    April 12, 2012 at 11:06

    Damn, that’s a lot of partying + trips! I haven’t gone out of town since the beginning of 2012. I envy you. Hope to hear more updates from you, Nelson!


  2. Pam
    May 18, 2012 at 03:01

    Lol, is this a quarterly summery / recap post? Well, that’s a lot of trips, good for you


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