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Posted on May 2, 2010 at 02:37 Sweetest Downfalls 5 Comments

Hello goodbye. Finally, it’s over. I could go on talking forever regarding the past week, but nah, it might simply sadden me.

Last Sunday’s homily was a good hear that it made me sit up straight and eradicate all the result-of-poor-attention-span thoughts floating within the vicinity of my head. It cited how we, as humans, tend to find companions. True enough, the example was what happened to me when I woke up that day after burning the midnight oil. No one was home, so I was eager to find some place to find comfort, to eat, to rid the licking loneliness that desires to be sucked in. What aroused me most amidst the priest’s words was the example of going to the disco with the real intention of finding someone to be with…

Sleepless nights were relived as I and my team rumbled with overnight shifts finishing projects in our last week at school. It was such a wonderful thing one of us had her abode good for workplace. A company visit and employment exam the next day did not stop us. Amazing Race? Hell, yeah! I was eager to go out that day, but everyone seemed to have been drained early.

The second project demonstration surprisingly turned out good. What just annoyed me was the fact that it was our group that was chosen to present for the final presentation in the presence of the so-called indushtry folks. “Annoyed” could be read on my face on the day of the presentation that my group-mates had to tell me over and over to just get over it. It was crap, for the love! And it even took away my birthday from me! Dang. Thank God TriNoma’s Aveneto saved the day… But what the fuck! I walked Novaliches in a semi-formal attire under the fucking pouring rain! 22nd birthday? Never had the slightest feeling it happened.

Stutter Much

Posted on April 22, 2010 at 09:56 Sweetest Downfalls No Comments

Yesterday’s report was disastrous. Just what the hell is up with me lately, anyway? I’ve been stuttering in all three non-native languages that I can speak. At some point it becomes too much that I find myself stupid enough finding it hard to pronounce a single word.