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Recovery from LPA

Posted on February 19, 2018 at 17:26 Sweetest Downfalls 1 Comment

As you grow older, the way I see it, it’s either: matters that need your equal attention naturally pile up, or your attention span simply diminishes. It could also be that you just don’t know your priorities. Yet. Blink, and another year has transpired. Do half of that blink and days after that year have already been lost. Clichéd as it may be as evident to the absence of posts (not that it’s new), 2017 was slammed. That aside (and enough of that), I shall play the rewind button further as that’s what this is about.

Towards the end of 2016 I found myself in a melancholic state. (Enter background music here.) It could’ve actually been depression if I were to describe it straightforwardly. Now, I’m not getting into the drama here, but it did happen. For months I had nothing to do for our team; I was instead tasked to assist someone from another team on a minimal scale and study an ITSM tool which I believe won’t be used by the organization anytime soon. Things got worse when our boss left and our team was dissolved, leaving everyone “floating” (well, that’s what I felt). Even worse was around that time, my college folks, who were my regulars, moved back to the province or started working overseas for good. (I know, I’m in no position to complain because of the mere fact that I have a job. But it just gets frustrating when you go to work everyday doing almost nothing. Where’s the sense and fulfillment in that.) The death of a college roommate also added fuel to the fire. Such dark times. (Yeah, like when Voldemort came back.)

Come 2017 and I found myself in the company of a new team. (Aww, did you hear a whimper there?) That’s after pursuing vacancies in other teams before going home for the holidays. From then on things actually started sailing smoothly; my plate was hardly ever empty. And the best part was that in spite of all the distress the previous year served, I was lucky with seat sales, and was still granted to go to places even if I just got on the team.

Thailand Kalanggaman
Malapascua Korea
Singapore Bucas Grande
Australia Japan
Dubai Abu Dhabi

Life, as the tagline of this blog goes, is not all beer and skittles. One moment you’re happy and the next you’re devastated. That was a nasty period and it could happen again, and no one can tell when. The important thing is that you shouldn’t shy away from people when it happens. And above all, win any battle against your olden attention span.

In the Right Place, In the Wrong Time

Posted on March 3, 2011 at 23:21 Sweetest Downfalls 1 Comment

Only weeks after landing the job, I told myself, “This is not what I imagined.” Deep thoughts drowned me, and I came to the decision that I should give the opportunity a try, even just for a year. In fact, I made a deal with the devil to ensure my 18 months of stay in the company. Trainings came, and I told myself, “All is well. I’m still young.”

Despite knowing that it’s only natural for an organization to undergo changes, it still came as a shock to me when the sub-teams that will compose the new team department were announced last week. I got transferred, and the job description has become this-is-really-not-what-I-imagined. I know I’m not really supposed to know it beforehand since I won’t be able to do anything about it anyway but… You get the point.

Today’s dinner brought misery upon me. Someone, from the floor which holds the jobs that I think are worth being envied, told me and my teammate how organized and fun their group is. Frustration, in the form of a rusted arrow, shot me in the head as I learned that they are the ones who implement the systems that govern the services the company provides to its subscribers.

Kami-sama, please grant me the strength to move on… By that time, I’ll get back to this post and proofread it. Life is hard, as always. Especially if you’re presenting a dance number tomorrow night.