More Bites Pizza

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More Bites Pizza / San Francisco, Agusan del Sur

Pizza has always been among my favorite munches. Last Holy Week, I learned that many pizza houses have opened in our town. My count is five and I managed to check out two before I left. The first one was Pizza Pedrico’s in front of the bus terminal. They only had solo sizes which cost 39 pesos. You can order four of it for 150 pesos. I expected they had something bigger for such price. Next one was More Bites Pizza by the town’s rotunda. It belongs to a high school underclassman’s family. Here, unlike Pedrico’s, regular-sized ones are available in three varying diameters. There are many options to choose from. Pictured above is a large More Bites Supreme for the price of 195 pesos. Good buy! 😉

Pwning the First Quarter

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What’s this year again? Golden Dragon, right? Oh, that’s Water. You see, this is what happens when New Year strikes and you intend to make some year-end post but find yourself writing nothing. Well, April’s here, and I’m about to turn another year around.


Despite all chances in the past, it was my first time to attend the Sinulog festival. On the night before my flight were the wildest parties. You know, the type that instantly makes you realize that next year you’ll be doing it again. Beers were splashed around as if the streets were beaches. Sadly, I had to call it a night at one o’clock. (Yeah, boo.) At the airport, my ATM card got blocked.

  1. Machine was, let’s say, Bank A’s.
  2. Card inserted was Bank B’s.
  3. I also have a Bank A card.
  4. PIN inputted was that of Bank A’s.

Thankfully, I borrowed money from friends before getting on the cab to the airport. That’s how my arse got saved from being left by the plane. In the darkness of the night, I had sunglasses on. :laugh: To my discomfort, the stewardess awoke me when I had just fallen asleep. Turns out the aircraft’s already landed and everyone’s already deplaned. 😯

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