Wallowing to Undaunted

Posted on September 1, 2016 at 14:00 Life List 2 Comments

I was 26 when I started prefixing my number with an adjective, to describe what that year would be like. I find sense in it. Last year it was “wallowing”. Nasty-sounding, I know, but after reading its definition after being suggested by a friend, well, “I choose you!” happened. And that’s way before Pokémon GO. Since then, I’ve gone to places and did things month after month but never a single update in this good old hub of mine. About time.

And then I needed to select another adjective. But before that, there was the lovely Calaguas with my very first workmates for our annual summer getaway. Given its distance from the metro, it’s just not right to spend just a night there, which we didn’t do. As one of us also gets a year older on the same month, we did a double celebration a week later with other friends at Walkyrie. Such a long night. I’d consider attaching a GoPro to my head next time for me to watch everything and laugh at myself first thing in the morning. Two days before finally flipping another digit, I skydived in Bantayan and spent a memorable time in Cebu. 😎

Skydiving in Bantayan

Like most people with itchy feet, most of my wanderings are born out of seat sales, so I guess I’m saved from being labeled as a spendthrift wanderlust. As of writing I’m currently in Palawan. My tickets, bought last year, only cost 485.62 PHP. Who could resist that, right? Well, my company last year. But not me. And I look forward to blogging about this trip.

I wouldn’t say I’m getting tired of going to places, and here are the cents I’ve picked up along the way up to this very day:

  1. Plans can go haywire, with most of the group suddenly being unable to make it and then the entire trip crumbles. When planning, it could help to have a group chat with only those people who have something to say in it. Ditch those who just read and send thumbs-up signs. (Yes, there’s a bit bitterness there.)
  2. Even just once, travel alone. Just you and your own two feet. It’s liberating.
  3. Priorities change so eventually all your travel buddies will no longer be able to always go with you. Learn to accept that.
  4. Your priorities will eventually change as well so be prepared for it, because what-ifs and if-onlys are such inglorious bastards.

Frolicking in Fortune Island

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Fortune Island

It was last year when I first heard of Fortune Island, and because I know for a fact that in this life I will probably never ever step a foot in Greece and on this island are pillars which resemble those of The Parthenon, I immediately locked it as a target. Last month, while looking for beaches to go to, I read in the comments of a blog post about a trip to the island organized by #JJTours. I contacted two of my friends and in no time I was already at the bank paying for the down payment. What did just happen.

The day of the tour came, and we huddled at the McDonald’s by the MRT Buendia station. Red Chuca, the tour manager, arrived and told us that he actually forgot about us three as he was on the road when I told him about my deposit. If I didn’t make a follow-up the day before we would’ve been left out and I would’ve committed suicide using the five liters of water we brought with us.

We left in two vans at 03:30 and arrived in Nasugbu, Batangas two hours later. Breakfast was at Jollibee before we proceeded to Fortune Island Resort, which seems to be the gateway to the island. The island has no electricity, freshwater source, store where you can buy food, and most especially, restroom (well, they said there was a functional one but I really didn’t look for it). That means that if you’re staying overnight, the resort is the place to do your thing, mantra, or whatever it is that you need to do.

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