Another Weekend Ahead!

Posted on September 28, 2007 at 18:33 Down the Drain

The SoTech group did their report on Bioremediation in Microbiology (Bio20) today. They had a PowerPoint presentation and the pace of their discussion was quite impressive. It was fast but I liked the way it turned out to be. Their slides contained very brief definitions and it appeared that they were well-prepared. After their discussion, they had a little game. In the elimination round, one question was asking for a certain microorganism. Since it was quite difficult, multiple choices were given and upon hearing letter B, one immediately tapped and answered, “Amo na. (That’s it.)” *lol* The BroadComm studs followed. They had a puppet show of some sort using mere drawings held by a stick. It was about a princess that hated microbes because she had a face of one. Haha. She should have gone to Fort Myers cosmetic surgery and got herself fixed. The story was basically about her learning the importance of such organisms in the end. At one point, the princess character ‘flew’ from the actor’s hand due to too much swinging and she (actor) shouted like WTH. It was funny. :0)

In CMSC140 we discussed the difference between Cookies and Sessions. I was uploading pictures at Multiply all along since we were at CL1. Hehe. The presence of a computer in front of everyone had its significance since Sir had us search about what SATAN means (not the Church of Satan!) as well as to see the MySQL examples when we discussed Databases.

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