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Posted on September 27, 2007 at 21:55 Down the Drain

Yeee-HAH! After days of figuring out how things work in WordPress, at last, I have my blog use it. I’d say the layout had me somehow motivated. I missed using divs so I decided to use one for v.10 of Flirt Wind. So how have I been doing? Hmm.. Let’s see:

Monday: Ma’am commented on me knowing already how to do a slice serve in Badminton.

Tuesday: Our exam in Assembly was returned and guess what, I got a perfect score! Thanks to the bonus of 3 points. *whew*

Yesterday: We had our very first exercise in PHP and I was able to finish it on time! We had to display the values the user enters in a given form. Our last JavaScript exercise was also used to validate the inputs. The PHP include function was put to use and since I was already familiar with it, no sweat. ^_^ It’s actually the very first PHP function that I learned.

Today we had our 3rd long exam in Stat105. I was able to answer all the items yet only very few of which, I believe, are correct. Lairy made me realize when we had lunch that the value of lambda is simply 1/Mean. I totally forgot about that formula and used the mean directly in solving the Exponential Distribution problem. Nyeah. We also had our exam in Badminton. I got an 83%. I then played with my usual ‘playmates’ Feliza, Charmie, and Rheinhart. We subsequently ate Spaghetti at Heaven’s Bliss and I treated (forced! x_x *lol*) them a liter of Pepsi.

I have a flu right now. I’ve been sneezing here and there and I just hate it when there’s the ‘thing’ inside your nose (ugh). And I can’t help but think of our Bio20 exam last week. We were asked in one of the enumerations to give signs of flu. My classmate said he answered sneezing. I never thought of it. X_X My answers were plain guesses. And the right side of my nose somewhat hurts when touched. Maybe I should get it fixed at Toronto plastic surgery. *woot!*

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