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Kyla sang the National Anthem “Lupang Hinirang” in Pacquiao’s match against Barrera today. She looked very cute and beautiful and, good enough, did the song very well. On the other hand, the match itself was not well – uh, in a way that it gave a different impression compared to Manny’s his previous fights. I think there was no round in which he was able to make Marco Antonio fall. As I was watching, part of my attention was on today’s newspaper (in between breaks I was having a fun chitchat with Shiela and Arjay).

In today’s Junior Inquirer, “Blogger Power” was on the front page. The writer is Denise Anne Castro, 12 years old from Quezon City. Part of what she wrote was:

“A blog or a web log is personal journal that a user posts online for the entire world to see. Think of it as a public diary of a person’s daily experiences. It may include pictures, video clips, or links to other sites.

Blogging has become so popular because it covers just about anything: from politics to pop culture, or whatever’s on your mind. What’s more, anyone in the world with access to the Internet can view a blog with a mere click of the mouse.”

Then my roommate directed me about the “The Amazing Race Asia 2.” I know that in the first season Aubrey Miles participated, but lost. Oh c’mon.. What can you expect from a girl like her? Hehe. In this new race, two teams from the Philippines will be joining. I was delighted upon knowing so. It’s even made more interesting that one of them is a married couple but are not Filipinos at all! I didn’t know they’d allow this kind of thing. Then again, two heads are still better than one, right!? The other team is composed of Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez. Reading the article was super worthwhile.

{prepares hands for haggard typing}

And oh, by the way, Manny Pacquiao won once again, by unanimous decision.


  1. xiAn
    October 7, 2007 at 21:48

    ummm… yah, medyo walang thrill yung laban ni pacman ngaun dahil walang knock out na nangyari… hehehe oh well, congratulations to pacman^^


  2. claire
    October 7, 2007 at 21:51

    ayos ah. 12 years old daig pa ko. nyahaha. sinabi ba kung anong URL ng blog nya?


  3. Euri
    October 8, 2007 at 08:43

    Well, frankly, compared to the first year I started blogging, the blogosphere really has evolved a lot! 🙂


  4. Leihs
    October 9, 2007 at 18:08

    Ugh. I will not get my hopes up. I was devastated when the Lopezes were eliminated, followed by the airheads. How humiliating. It didn’t help that two Malaysian teams were in the top 3 (nothing against Malaysians but I hated the couple) and the ultimate winner turned out to be the two-female group. Guh.

    Hopefully our teams will do better this time.


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