Feeling Really Haggard

Posted on October 11, 2007 at 17:36 Down the Drain

When I came to school at 9 this morning, John Paul and Marc Jones were the only ones around. Subsequently, the rest came one after another. We finalized our answers in Stat105 4th long exam (thanks to John Paul who reviewed my green book – our answer sheet – or I could’ve lost some points!) and then situated at CL1 (Computer Laboratory 1). Academics is killing me softly. Name them: (Monday) CMSC131 and CMSC123 finals, (Tuesday) Stat105, SocSci26, and CMSC140 finals. Two of these are take-homes but it still requires great effort. Sometimes I can’t help but think that perhaps it would’ve been better if we had a ‘real’ exam instead. Plus, Java Calculator Applet and PHP Exercise with MySQL as deliverables for passing CMSC140. A project is also required in Assembly and, luckily, we’ve already presented it to Ma’am today. I’ll show our code below. ^_^

We had a little quality time in the lab this afternoon. I’d say that somehow, and even if it may seem pretty late, our batch has finally become close to one another. Well, should be. No man is an island, and definitely you won’t survive a course being alone. It’s Mary Glo’s birthday today and we asked – no, forced {lol} – her to buy us food. She bought two packs of that sweet buttered, err, toasted bread I usually eat. I was alone when I rode the tricycle going to the dorm. Then I saw my other classmates walking. Tsk, I should’ve left the lab together with them in the first place. Neh. And yeah, Charmie, a sophomore BroadComm student who’s a friend and classmate in Badminton, got her article published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Young Blood today.


  1. gravatar.com Sandra
    October 11, 2007 at 20:50

    Wow. What a code! I don’t even understand a thing! But yea, goodluck with ll your requirements! =]


  2. gravatar.com koko
    October 13, 2007 at 15:39

    ohmygosh.. you did all those!? @__@
    that’s nice.. to have your batch become close to one another (i think ours is doing the opposite >_>)
    good luck and have a nice day~~~^^


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