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Posted on October 16, 2007 at 18:29 Down the Drain

Hurray! Only two more things to go and I’m finally outta school. But first, let me thank those folks who commented on my previous post. I never thought I’d get some that fast! Thank you, thank you. You keep me burning in a way. So what’s been up lately? Well, my dormmate Kristin San has always been playing in my computer since I brought it down in our study area. I did so because somehow I can work better that way, unlike when in the room where the bed’s too inviting and I just can’t help but open Photoshop instead of working ‘academically’. Super Mario 4 is her game, and I can’t help but laugh out very loud whenever she gets killed. Am I mean or what? But in fairness, she plays good! I mean, like (ehem) me.

This morning we had our final exam in Stat. It was a 32-item multiple choice test that was, fatefully, not that bloody. Yea.. Many were still on their seats when I passed my paper. Then I hopped to the basement hopefully waiting for our lab to be opened. I got irritated by It seemed hopeless so I went upstairs to check on my classmates. Without our teacher around, it appeared that they grabbed the opportunity to compare answers. Tsk. So far I have never done something like it in an ‘actual’ exam since I stepped into college. C’mon people, those are for high school days only!

As I was trying to finish writing our take-home exam in server-side programming, I could feel that my hand was already trembling. For days I’ve been writing a lot of take-home exams in which the answers cannot be a simple 10 sentences. Then came our final exam in Geography. I love it so much that I had to make a copy of the question as well as my answer:

SocSci26: People, Places and Spaces in a Changing World
Is Christmas a socio-cultural celebration, an economic bonanza for capitalism, or both? Explain your answer in five sentences. In another set of five sentences or less, create another example in our contemporary society to illustrate your idea of the relationship between socio-cultural traits and economic phenomenon.

“Christmas is a socio-cultural celebration because, clear enough, religion resides in every country which is the major driving force for celebrating this event. At the same time it has become an economic bonanza for the reason that such things (and other celebrations and holidays) have been commercialized due to economic growth purposes. Then again, as what others tend to say, “Nothing beats the original.” The true essence of this event will always and forever remain the same to those who celebrate it. The economic bonanza thingy is merely a flavor or spice to bring things to a greater, more interesting, and “expensive” extent.

Since we were talkin’ ’bout Christmas, I might as well spell out New Year. In our country, no new year passes without the dark (sometimes even wet) skies being colored by raging firecrackers making their way through the night. Making noises on New Year’s Eve has always been believed to “shoo” away bad luck and this is a reason why Filipinos tend to buy themselves firecrackers despite its high cost. Would you allow your grounds to be so still when the world out there is celebrating WWIII? After all, there’s still no harm in believing, right?”

I’m not really that satisfied with my answer but I really loved the fact that our exam was that way – answer the question in 10 sentences or else suffer the consequences. Something like saying to those who are good in answering very long essay questions, “Now, let me see what you’ve got!” {evul laugh} However, I didn’t use double-spacing in my answer. x_x Maybe it was when I went to the C.R. that Sir made that instruction. Oh well.. And BTW, my classmates’ answers include fiestas, festivals, and even Manny Pacquaio! Does mine now make any sense?


  1. Somewhere in World
    October 16, 2007 at 23:28

    Hello boy!

    I’m here just to say “hi” and visit here…

    kisses from Brasil!


  2. kingdaddyrich
    October 18, 2007 at 19:40

    ga gradweyt ka na??? wahhh..


  3. Aisha
    October 18, 2007 at 20:53

    naks naman good at kht papano successful hehehe btw! haha mario na game naks haha buset yan haha nakakainis yan before pero sobrang enjoy naiinis ako pag nadededs argh hahaha pero nkktuwa dn at the same time


  4. Mihoriel
    October 19, 2007 at 14:11

    I think that’s amazing what you wrote for your answer. I totally <3 it more than the typical answer of fiesta and festivals. & gosh, only 10 sentences. I think that would drive me insane since I would have much more to say. I’m a ex-English major, now Journalism major and that’d drive me insane. You managed to do it quite well. *claps*

    Good luck on the last of your exams. Woot for graduating. I have to finish this year and do my next year…. Aww. *hugs*


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