Bad Luck, Bad Tuck

Posted on December 18, 2007 at 16:27 Down the Drain

I was such in a bad mood earlier today. The reasons?

  1. Negros Navigation will be delayed. Instead of 4PM, it’ll arrive at 8:00. (now what am I supposed to do in 8 hours?!)
  2. I lost my coin purse. Argh!
  3. I have no money and I badly want to buy something to bring home. Aarrgghh!

Well, I guess moving my butt was the only solution. I arrived at Robinson’s Place at 14:00 and ate lunch at Chowking. Then I bought Christmas lights worth P99.75 at *what was the name of that store again?* Lastly, I bought some Iloilo/Bacolod delicacies. I was also at the place yesterday. We stumbled on this store “Toys Express” which sells some naughty stuffs. I even overheard one guy looking for a fleshlight. Oh yeah. You go dude. If you guys (for sure) don’t know what it is, err, you can Google it if you’re curious. I think the lady gave him something that’s definitely not for him though — a dildo. Resist the urges pretty boy!

My purpose of coming to the city yesterday was to attend the annual Lantern Parade of the university. It was worth the time. And I hoped that we had a better lantern for our academic group. I’m now at SM. I’m kind of excited at the same time scared :laugh: that the trip tonight will accommodate majority of the Mindanao-residing students from school. And oh, did you guys see the Meteor Shower last Friday night (alternatively Monday dawn)? At first I was trying to count, but then realized that there’s just too ‘many’ of them. Earlier that night was our Christmas Partey at the dorm. Received boxers, as wished. 😎


  1. Aisha
    December 21, 2007 at 14:42

    wahh bad day ba tlga yan >.<


  2. Euri
    December 22, 2007 at 14:31

    I have no money and I badly want to buy something to bring home. Aarrgghh!

    I also have no money… *hugs*


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