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Posted on April 10, 2008 at 15:47 Down the Drain

I had a very funny dream on my afternoon siesta last Tuesday.

Together with some high school classmates, I walked a bridge made of bamboo when one classmate deliberately got ahead the rest of us. Then, all of a sudden, the bridge started swaying up and down on the part where my classmate has went to. In no time, it was about to collapse. We watched in horror and humor (oh, yes!) as my classmate was thrown out of the bridge and landed softly on the ground in the sleeping position typically shown on TV — body sitting sideways, slightly curled, and two hand facing each other with the head of the person lying on the back of a hand. Lol.

Before that one was a different dream. The Yonex Badminton racket I borrowed from my sister warped and got completely obliterated. I was in total shock but was able to take a deep breath upon finding it safe and sound hanging in the wall the moment I woke up. Basically, my vacation’s only about a week. Despite the very short time, going home was still worth it. By Saturday I’ll be taking my vessel back to Iloilo for our practicum (OJT). Of course, I couldn’t wait that long to remember everything that happened to me as I journeyed back here in Mindanao.

  1. On the day I left school I played Tennis early in the morning and the string gave off.
  2. “Meet the Spartans” didn’t please me at all.
  3. Traveled via Cebu before getting here (a total of two nights, obviously).
  4. Number of outlets for charging purposes in the vessel was only 6. With my useless charger, it was a definite struggle at sea.
  5. Unexpectedly met two schoolmates at SM City Cebu’s Traveler’s Lounge — Asylla and Tin Mae.
  6. Canvassed laptop prices on the Third Floor.
  7. Went to Netopia in an attempt to find an available outlet but found a ‘seatmate’ giving her chatmate the heads via phones*x instead.
  8. Bought an “Internet for Dummies” book published in 1997. Asking why? Just tryin’ to find out how things were then. P30.00 for Booksale is surely not that much, right?
  9. After knowing that there’s no vessel bound for Nasipit (the closest one to our place), plan was to stay for a night in Cebu. Then there was one bound for Surigao. Yes.
  10. Waiting in line standing for more than an hour only to find out that there were no more tickets!
  11. Rushed to a different pier (Pier 5) and luckily got a place in the one bound for Cagayan de Oro.
  12. For the very first time, I met a couple that’s quite, uh, unique. The man was blind. At first glance, as they were approaching the drinking fountain, I knew it.

    Me: Pila na mo ka tuig ma’am? (How long have you been together ma’am?)
    Lady: Dugay na. (Many years already.)

  13. Rode this new cool Bachelor bus with the label “King Long”. It was such a pleasant flight trip. So cool.
  14. Movies on the bus were “Sakal. Sakali. Saklolo.” (Gina Pareño is still really funny!) and the one with Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp, and Enrique Iglesias. “Desperado 2” is my guess.

As I’m typing this I’m still very hopeful that the Acer laptop we’ve been looking forward to will eventually arrive. The Toshiba would have been great too except that it doesn’t include its drivers. :no:


  1. Llyngee
    April 10, 2008 at 21:56

    Wahehehe, you travel a lot. Nakakainggit, heehee!


  2. christel
    April 11, 2008 at 13:12

    good luck with OJT. i’m taking it next summer.. parang nakakatakot :/ *not ready*

    -___- buti ka pa, nakakapunta kung san-san. unlike me, stuck at home. hahaha.


  3. Hiyono
    April 11, 2008 at 21:04

    Because of your excitement you get weird dreams! Hahaha! :laugh: The one with the bridge isn’t really that unusual though. I get that a lot~ :tongue:

    You’re getting Acer? You should post pictures, ne? :angel:


  4. xiAn
    April 11, 2008 at 23:38

    HEH??!! Panget ang meet the spartans??!! O_________O

    NICE WEIRD DREAM btw xDD!! ^_^


  5. jessica
    April 12, 2008 at 02:30

    OMG the stupid, yet awesomely cool-looking, lightbox, I followed the simple directions and it doesn’t work for me! T.T

    ” We watched in horror and humor (oh, yes!) as my classmate was thrown out of the bridge and landed softly on the ground in the sleeping position typically shown on TV” LOL @ the humor part, I’ve been having freaky dreams lately, luckily, I haven’t remembered them

    I actually had an urge to play Tennis or Badminton before… maybe cause I was watching Gintama and Yamazaki cosplayed Prince of Tennis?


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