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The College of Arts and Sciences Opening Exercises was held today, the day of the Philippine Independence. It was just like the usual, I’d say. But I’m happy that our academic group was still able to prepare and become organized without the presence of an official governor. All the acad groups presented an intermission number. The Redbolts and Elektrons (where I belong) had a dance number (“Low” and “1, 2 Step”, respectively) while the Skimmers and Clovers had someone sing “If I Ain’t Got You” and “Umbrella” from their group. By afternoon, it was time for the freshmen orientation for each of these so-called groups that compose our college. I was the music operator for our group. And again, I was glad that things were carried on smoothly. And finally, after it, was the orientation for each of the courses that compose our group — Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Statistics. It has been a ‘tradition’ for us komsai (ComSci) to let the freshmen introduce themselves and state the reason of taking up the course. “Why Komsai?”, that is. It was amusing listening to some of the answers, for they were really stunning. The following are some of them:

  1. “Why Komsai? I will find my reason here.”
  2. “Computer makes money, and money makes the world go round.”
  3. “I believe in 10 years there will be a computer revolution in the Philippines and I want the graduates of the University of the Philippines to lead that revolution.” *nosebleed*
  4. “Gusto ko lang tapatan si Bill Gates.” (I want to compete against Bill Gates.) *sorry girl but you’ll still have to pass over me lol*
  5. “Because I love computer, I love science, I love computer science.” *flirt!*

We simply had to cheer after hearing those answers. And we, upperclassmen, also introduced ourselves and gave some pieces of advice. This year’s number of enrollees is the highest, ever since the course started here as well as for the entire college. They’re 41, and I do hope the number will stick until the day of their graduation. Talk about their number, we really need some serious manpower in the acquaintance party (I can’t wait!). :pirate: Six (or seven) of them are from Mindanao. When it ended, I stayed for a while in the lab in an attempt to aid the team who’s working on the computerized quiz bee for the upcoming IT Week in Iloilo. I realized that I no longer am capable of helping them since the codes are not mine in the first place. Ah, plus the mood swings too. So I just walked away and went to my guardian’s place. Unfortunately, they were not there. :faint: But it’s okay, I just left the cake I brought to the person who was left to stay in the house.

I have been alternately playing Tennis and Badminton lately. There was this tough Badminton player whom I saw playing last Monday night and I just couldn’t help but get nervous and excited by the mere fact of playing against him. Well, tonight, I just did. I was together with my roommate in first year. We lost, but it’s worth the sweat. I only had two games for tonight. And in Tennis, well, there’s also a new player. It happens that she’s a girl, so no need to worry in that case. :tongue:


  1. Christel
    June 13, 2008 at 21:09

    wow may dance number. sample nga. haha! nice answers.. especially number 1. LOL @ your thoughts on numbers 4 and 5. XD

    P.S: lao shi = teacher. (: banana = bio prof. XD


  2. Nelson
    June 13, 2008 at 21:40

    No, no. I was not involved in the dance number!



  3. Exene
    June 14, 2008 at 05:30

    #2 should really reconsider the reason why he/she is in that major.Their going to be really disappointed


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