School Blitzkrieg

Posted on September 24, 2008 at 20:15 Down the Drain

I just got all my subjects pre-enlisted for next (which would hopefully be my last) semester. I’m kind of spiced up as our prospectus dictates us with only 16 units — the smallest I’ll be taking since stepping into college. I hope this would be an opportunity for me to get decent sleeps and gain even just a little bit of weight. Osu!

We had our second exam in Computer Architecture today and it was like, “WTF?” I learned of bonus items that our teacher pointed out yesterday when I was already in our classroom with the exam about to start! My roommate who’s my classmate didn’t dare tell me about it. My classmates were then teasing him about it. Hmm, if perfidy is what he wants, then maybe I shouldn’t play against the wind. :pirate: It’s not entirely his fault though, as I declared a personal holiday yesterday by not attending any of my classes. In AI I really did not intend to attend because I was not able to search anything about Wumpus World Agents and that would surely agitate our teacher. Going back further, the reason of me not being able to find something about the said topic was because the night before there was a Victory Party of our academic group Elektrons. I would have been more happier if the disco started earlier and there were more “juice” to drink. I ate a lot that day because it was also the town fiesta. I went to the house of the dorm staff who have visitors from the dorm every year.

Back to school rambling. In World Literature we didn’t finishing discussing the drama “The Cherry Orchard” yet. Our teacher asked some of us to stand and read lines from the story and he included me on the list. He spoke out loud lines that suggest action such as (Kisses her) for me. 😆

Sir: Ano ang drama ni Anya sa Cherry Orchard nga ‘ni? (What’s Anya’s sentiment in this Cherry Orchard?)
Classmate: Sir, tulog si Anya. (Sir, she was asleep that time.)
Sir: Ah huo, kinapoy ang buangit. (Ah yes, the silly girl got tired.)

Our teacher sounded as if he knows the character Anya in person. :laugh:


  1. Christel
    September 25, 2008 at 20:33

    wow 16 units lang! hihihi. 😯

    our world lit subject is boring. :/ looks like you’re having fun with it. *stabs our professor* jk :laugh:

    haha i’m a man hater and you shall not meet me or else i’ll chop your head off fwahaha~ :laugh: 😆


  2. Nelson
    September 25, 2008 at 21:45

    i’ll chop your head off fwahaha~ :laugh: 😆

    Scary… 😯 :no:


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