CD-R King is Crap

Posted on October 11, 2008 at 22:54 Down the Drain

No Filipino who’s inclined to using a computer that much would not know the store which sells the cheapest CD’s and gadgets in town. But haven’t you ever thought how ironic it is that they stick to manually writing their receipts which lead to the extremely long queues of customers most of the time? (sigh) Today I bought a laptop backpack and was lucky enough to be able to get it after heading straight at the end after going through a lot of waiting customers in the narrow and only path. And the salesladies? Well, they even have time to chitchat and laugh when all the customers are already about to bite their heads off. But what can we do. Maybe that’s their rule of thumb.

While I was waiting for my purchase to arrive at the lady who does the manual receipts, I heard the people in the mall’s activity area cheer and a guy’s cool voice was soon heard singing. I later found out that it was Hansen “Sen” Nichols of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2. As expected from a celebrity, he’s got the looks and a very good complexion. I don’t know, but at some point he looked like a gay? After fetching some photos I found out that he was about to leave via the only elevator of the mall. The people on the ground floor (that includes me) looked up at it as it headed off to the third floor and then came back to the second floor after seeing that people has also rushed to the third floor. Cool. I guess being a celebrity is really hard when it comes to fans. Aside from that, it gave me the idea of how exciting it can be at the same time. As I exited the mall I saw the entrance to Ted’s Batchoy blocked by many security guards. As I walked outside and looked at the glass, Mr. Nichols was there together with his personal assistants (maybe) having a meal. Now how ’bout that. 😉


  1. Christel
    October 12, 2008 at 15:39

    we were discussing about cd-r king during our business software applications class. XDDD all they need a software so that they won’t manually input records and stuff =_=

    oooh i saw rj jimenez last week at my school xD i dunno why he was there tho. i actually don’t know him until my friend told me his name. i don’t watch PDA kasi xD


  2. Aurus
    October 14, 2008 at 21:14

    Ugh, tell me about it. The service at every CD-R King I’ve been to sucks.


  3. izzzy
    October 15, 2008 at 18:15

    hansen nichols is not gay. he’s just a fil-am trying hard to speak tagalog. fil-foreigns are usually mistook to be such because of their speech.


  4. linapuhan
    October 17, 2008 at 10:59

    ke bakla man si sen o hindi ang importante ang sinabi ni bugoy: mangarap po tayo, kahit simpleng tao pwedeng mangarap! wahaha

    dapat kasi magpatayo ka na ng pwesto sa tabi ng cd-r king na yan tapos ang service mo ay yung tipong service ng jolibee at mc do na smile smile smile parati… tapos sasabihin ng sales lady mo, welcome to (name ng store mo), ano po ang order nila…whaha. tingnan natin kung may bibili pa sa CD-R king na yan. hehe



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