Posted on August 10, 2009 at 01:10 Down the Drain

Long gone are the days of my suffering of hardcore coding in C. Man, that was really a bad time for me. Cramming coding and getting what I’ve been looking for only on the eleventh hour. I sure am glad that I eventually made it to the deadline, even though I actually lacked one program. Oh well, it was already really impossible to make it. And I was very eager to forget all about it too then. It was a Friday and it meant getting some fresh air from the mall.

The time has once again come where I no longer feel like posting anything in this almost-forgotten blog. But hey! I just can’t let this thing die, can I? After all, I’m paying the crap out of this place. Besides, life is always very, very interesting… Last week, you ask? Well, I was extremely excited about going to the mall for the three-day sale. Sadly, I was locked up from my room and money was the only matter that helped me survive. Of course, it’s also all thanks to my boardmates who allowed me to sleep in their room. Last night we went out and had pizza for dinner. I was excited for a few shots but the place was crawling with people so we merely bought a bottle at 7/11 and brought it home. After finishing it we decided to buy something to eat and do some sighting in the Sunken Garden. Unfortunately, one of us lost his (Havaianas) slipper so we had to retreat early. Two more bottles from a different convenient store was added to the night’s list. Walking home, I shattered a bottle, and finished the other one before arriving at our house. Too much alcoholism or what?

Watashi wa kinou tomodachi to Katipunan de bangohan o tabemashita.

Our current topic in class is Database Systems. Normalizing tables are a pain in the neck. Our teacher was the proctor when I took the entrance exam. Upon knowing which school I was from, he approached me and we were able to talk. He also told me that another classmate actually happens to be a schoolmate of mine. At the end of Friday’s class the three of us talked for a while and a classmate said that the way we speak is just too fast for him. Hah, it is so damn cool to be multilingual, ne?

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  1. Xian
    August 10, 2009 at 21:36


    you’re learning japanese? 😀


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