Endless Summer in White Houses

Posted on July 8, 2010 at 18:18 Life List

It’s been exactly two months since I came home for the summer break. I hate to admit it, but it seemed a little too much already just to recover from all the stress induced by ITTC. I was always held back to attend this and that… On a positive note, a lot has happened.

I was a groomsman in my cousin’s, partnered the “wedding flower catcher” in my classmate’s, and broke the five years of being absent during the town fiesta. My mother’s classmates came over to visit but it was a shame there’s no particular tourist spot in our place. Right after, we headed to Bohol for me to get to know our relatives and attend the fiesta too. I daresay luck was with me as there was a balikbayan who treated everyone to a tour across the island; that means I finally got to see my long lost brother Tarsier, taste sweets, and feel a good view from the top! I didn’t get the chance to get wet though.

Cebu was the next drop because we attended the burial of a relative. It was ages when I first came to their place and there were no huge buildings blocking the way then. Her sons are both working abroad and I was pumped that one’s in Japan. I wanted to try conversing with him in Nihongo but it was just awkward. During our vigil I didn’t sleep and got to know two cousins in an IT course. Good looks undeniably runs in the family… :tongue:

Just as the rumor said, the rotating brownout seemed to have diminished right after the elections. I usually wake up with no lights but there are also times when it occurs after lunchtime. Every time it strikes, I quickly rush to the piano and try becoming productive. This gave way to two new songs, both by Vanessa Carlton. They’re easy to play, but still bring forth good melodies. Check out the video, and see how I murdered a few keys and got out o’ sync in White Houses. :laugh: For the record, I can now play three and a quarter pieces.

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