Makati Marathon

Posted on July 17, 2010 at 20:22 Life List


In my first week back in the metro I fortunately got a call that led me to Makati, the city that nests the buildings that’ll crumble by 2012. The early worm that I caught was cut off because the trains were not operating due to Basyang‘s visit. People were flooding the streets, and the bus felt like a train that almost stole my soul away… I landed on the 9th floor only to greet an empty front desk and a canceled interview.

I didn’t skip lunch at McDo (I know, everywhere else is expensive) with a classmate who’s working in one of the banks in the avenue. My feet were drained at the end of the day for foolishly walking ’round and ’round trying to become familiar with the place. Documents were troublesome in the rain that I awarded myself a sling bag to dispatch them.

The next day…I got lost. :laugh: Apparently, I alighted a station away and even took notice of a wrong landmark. A jeepney saved me from being late for my legendary interview.

HR: So what do you know about the company?
Answer: You specialize on <this>, but you also do <that>. You’re based in <country>…
H: Huh? No.
A: Oops, checked the wrong website then.

In the given 45 minutes, I managed to write six flowcharts, after which, another interview followed. Subsequently, I dashed to the stock exchange building for another (company’s) exam. Results were given on the spot so it would’ve been heartbreaking if I failed after watching everyone pass. The exam made me appreciate how poor my vocabulary’s become. :wtf: Later that afternoon, I once again roamed the place, only to arrive at the spot where I started. Wicked. Also, I entertained some of those girls who ambush you in underpasses and footbridges. Naturally, they were pleasing and cute that for a while I felt like some executive who could speak all the twang in the world.

G1: Hi! Nice shades — hindi ako nagbebenta! (I’m not selling!) What’s your name?
Me: (FTW 😎 takes off glasses) <insert name>
G: Hi <insert name>! We have this thing for ages 26 and above. How old are you?
M: 21.
G: Aw. I thought you were… Ang tangkad mo kasi! (Because you’re so tall!) Anyway, familiar with Earth Hour? Can you please support it each night?
M: Sure! What time?
G: Anytime.
M: Whole night? :tongue:
M: (extends hand) And you are?
G: Rica. 🙂 Ang tangkad mo!

G2: …it’s for 26 and above, but you look 21.
M: I’m 22.
G: That’s okay. Familiar with Facebook, yes? Please add as up: UNICEF Philippines.
M: Sure~

:wtf: This post has so many smilies.


  1. jessica
    July 29, 2010 at 12:49

    Sounds like a busy day! And wow, that’s what happened at your interview? If I did that, I would be too scared to go on~ Gotta keep your cool in interviews 🙂


  2. maanism
    August 5, 2010 at 16:54

    igat! baw. you’re really are a “FLIRT” wind after all. igat na hangin. promis. hahaha.

    “and you are?”
    -che! naa pa ko ato moingon jud ko ug pagkadakudaku na

    “ESSTORRYAAHEEE”.. hehehe


    • Nelson
      August 14, 2010 at 04:07

      Huy ka-kontrabida ba gayud nimo. If I know kung ikaw to naa didto kusog sad kaayo ka manuol ug mga lalaki nga kusog ang appeal ba! Hehe. Aminin~ :tongue:

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