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Posted on August 26, 2009 at 21:46 Down the Drain 2 Comments

As of this point I have successfully slaughtered a quarter and there are three more that I need to finish off so that I can walk with pride and money some time soon. Nah, the latter is actually just a part of my typical hallucination. The quarter break’s only five-day long, which gave my parents a solid reason not to let me go home. A Plan B — visit my alma mater to hit some balls ’cause it’s sports fest time, babey — didn’t work out either. Talk about being stuck with myself. I need to party.

All the grades, as promised yesterday, were not released today. In fact, only one was provided. As usual, they presented the list with only the students’ student numbers. But how the heck will it promote privacy when the list is actually still sorted alphabetically? Give me a break. Stuff in college is the same as here. Guys with last names such as mine have no escape at all. In any case, I was really hoping for a hard copy of grades, but apparently they’ll only be provided online.

So what do I have in mind for the next five days? Let’s see… play Tennis, extract PNG’s, update sites here and there, party (oh, yes), and err, study in advance? Yeah, right. Talk to the dead, mister.

Decision Making

Posted on August 12, 2009 at 20:25 Down the Drain 2 Comments

Another subject down today. Only a few more and I’m out for some break. Last Monday some students were called out of the classroom for a little talk with the marketing and industry collaboration officer and I was one of them. Okay, so I was short-listed for scholarship in the company where I applied, while the other six that were called made it to the other company. Anytime this week, I’ll probably receive a notification regarding an interview…

Today, after our proctor checked my answer sheet…

Proctor: Who’s Aclan?
Me: *raises left hand*
Proctor: You didn’t apply for <Company A>?
Me: *shakes head*

I was dumbstruck after the swift conversation. What was that about? In the beginning, I only planned on proceeding to the Applications Development track. Then a classmate of mine, after knowing my undergraduate major, was surprised that I’ll be taking the specialization when I already have the background in programming and suggested that I take Embedded Systems instead. From that day on, my mind never rested on the matter. There were other indirect instances which made me think about it more and more. My classmate has a point, but based on an experience on working with hardware, I can say that I really suck at it. I never weighed things heavily then, and now I am being haunted by them.

If only I had applied to both companies in the first place…

Edit: In Japanese Business today our teacher said about him being hired in Company B. Was it a sign?