Posted on August 26, 2009 at 21:46 Down the Drain

As of this point I have successfully slaughtered a quarter and there are three more that I need to finish off so that I can walk with pride and money some time soon. Nah, the latter is actually just a part of my typical hallucination. The quarter break’s only five-day long, which gave my parents a solid reason not to let me go home. A Plan B — visit my alma mater to hit some balls ’cause it’s sports fest time, babey — didn’t work out either. Talk about being stuck with myself. I need to party.

All the grades, as promised yesterday, were not released today. In fact, only one was provided. As usual, they presented the list with only the students’ student numbers. But how the heck will it promote privacy when the list is actually still sorted alphabetically? Give me a break. Stuff in college is the same as here. Guys with last names such as mine have no escape at all. In any case, I was really hoping for a hard copy of grades, but apparently they’ll only be provided online.

So what do I have in mind for the next five days? Let’s see… play Tennis, extract PNG’s, update sites here and there, party (oh, yes), and err, study in advance? Yeah, right. Talk to the dead, mister.


  1. Christel
    September 6, 2009 at 11:00

    OI. Are you in UPD atm? My professor will be one of the speakers at Y4IT event thing at UP. o_O


  2. anne
    September 9, 2009 at 09:25

    My midterm grades are still left unannounced.
    In my school, they don’t post grades publicly.

    Geez, that’s envading someone’s privacy especially to those who are sensitive in their grades and doesn’t have this “ugh” in flaunting their grades.


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