Man’s Satisfaction

Posted on October 2, 2007 at 18:45 Down the Drain 1 Comment

Our 2nd long exam results in Bio20 were already returned. I got 72, quite low compared to the average, but I was already expecting it. I really had a hard time figuring out the items where we’re to select, from given options, the mode of transmission and the microbe behind for a certain disease. I didn’t study that part well. There were quite a number of enumerations. Like what happens in high school, and perhaps in some or many cases in college, some were complaining about their answers. One classmate of mine even told another, “You’re gonna get it perfect soon!” I agree. I have never tried complaining for my score in any exam result that I receive unless it dictates me to do so. That is, I am 100% sure that my answer is the correct one. For me, it really doesn’t matter that much anyway because in the end, when we find our respective fields of interests as a profession, all these will merely become a memory to be buried underneath..

We had our 2nd long exam in (Data Structures and Algorithms in) Java. It was not as hard as all our previous exams in the subject but it was time-consuming. We had to cut it off and continued in our CMSC140 class at 4. It was already 30 minutes past 5 when the classroom was emptied.

Badminton and Table Tennis

Posted on October 1, 2007 at 18:31 Down the Drain 2 Comments

I got up at 11 after originally being budged by my roommate at 10. I then went to school to encode the Assembly Program I made for our project. It compiled, YEY. It didn’t execute right, DRAT. Whew~ Our project’s somewhat like a Mastermind Game in which the user is asked to guess a 4-digit number. We’ll be making it from scratch. I just pray we can do it. Our classmates had theirs from the Internet or from the upperclassmen (our teacher’s fine with it) – which means that all that is left for them to do is simply understand or modify the code. *yosh!* We have to do this so that I can go home this sem-break!

We still had a Badminton session in the afternoon. Only Rheinhart, Fel, and I had rackets. Ma’am played a doubles game with us. When she left to fetch some things, Fel also left, saying that she has a paper to finish. Anthony, my dormmate and Ma’am Amy’s student in Ping Pong, came. She suggested to me and Rheinhart to play with him. We ended up playing alone, since Anthony was reading something. Surprisingly, I can still hit that ping pong ball! Yeah! Awesome! The last time I hit one was when I was still in elementary, when we still had a table at home. I had fun, especially that Rheinhart also knows how to rally the ball. Maybe I should take it as a PE one of these semesters days. If I were initially fat, it could be possible that I’ve lost some weight already, considering that I’ve been playing Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, and Badminton for the past semesters. Otherwise, I could’ve simply gone to Portland plastic surgeons. =P