In the Midnight Hour-Morning Light

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I slept at 4. Something new? Err, not really. But the last time I did so, as far as I can recall, was when I was studying for a Psychology10 exam way back in first year. I was even very pissed that ‘night’ because there were dormmates that were playing Magic Cards in our room, specifically on my bed! Anyway, today I did so because I was studying Data Structures in Java. Exam’s tomorrow, and I hope I’ll pass it. Jo Ann and my roommate Hanny John was also where I was studying – in the newspaper area doing their thesis. In between studying I was reading the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper and I found it interesting:

1. The Click Five (who sang “Just The Girl”) will be in Manila at Ayala Mall this month. (wish I could be there!)

2. ABS-CBN releases “Patoktober” – Susan Roces titles I’ve never heard before in SineSerye, Super Inggo 1.5 (what’s up with the decimal point?!), PBB Celebrity Edition 2, Spring Waltz, and Prinsesa ng Banyera. (eck?)

3. Kung Fu Hustle Movie 2 in which the lead actor appears to be Vanness Wu of the F4.

4. Elton John kissing this guy named K.D. Lang (ack, just what the hack is going on around?) during a benefit show in New York!

Furthermore, the Inquirer magazine also caught me attention. Inside of it talked ’bout the Internet as, you know, a way of meeting friends abroad. So it ended up being on my carrel again. Hehe. I’ve been collecting good editions (is this the appropriate word?) of it, not to mention that it’s breaking the dorm’s rule. And, like the usual, the comics was good – Pugad Baboy, Garfield, Zits, and that funny dog (forgot his name).

Lately, I’ve been thinking of how it would feel like being known to your country. Like, being an artist, singer, model or whatever it is that certainly qualifies one for fame. A person’s appearance undeniably becomes better upon becoming a celebrity. No, seriously, really, right? Then, one would undergo different surgical operations, if preferred and needed. One of them would be rhinoplasty, more commonly known as “nose job” i.e. improve the appearance of the nose. Well, well, well. I’d dearly say that one of the celebrities here in the Philippines who had their nose done is Rachelle Ann Go. I remember my HS classmate then saying that it was really evident. It really was. I wonder if I would do such things, if ever. Ambisyon.. x_x

UAAP Cheerdance 2007 – UP Pep Squad

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This is the UP Pep Squad as they performed during the recent UAAP Cheerdance competition held in the Araneta Coliseum. Lucky for me, I was able to see them perform in their College of Human Kinetics while I was there in Manila. That was a Saturday. But unluckily, I wasn’t able to see them perform ‘live’ – Sunday following that Saturday. It is due to the reason that I really have to go home already because an exam in Statistics105 was waiting for me by Monday. Tsk, tsk. Oh well, seeing this always reminds me that I was there anyway. ^_^

pep Informal. –noun 1. lively spirits or energy; vigor; animation.

Before, I really thought that this word is something that actually refers to cheering. Then again, it seems that only the UP Maroons is using this term for their squad. Pretty cute. Hmm.. Yeah, I think I remember my HS classmate telling me before that indeed, only UP uses this term. If you noticed in the video, some are not that physically fit. I mean, lean or you know, not chubby or something. This is another wonder or proof that these people should never be treated differently because, just like any other, they still are people, and can do what others can do. Well, with the wonders of technology, you can always undergo tumescent liposuction and the likes provided that you the have m$ney, of course. Yet still, precaution should be greatly taken into consideration.