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I thought the rainy days are already over. Wrong. I woke up at 8 and ended up getting up (whoa! that’s ‘up’ thrice!) past 10. It was cold. When I came down to the dorm’s main lobby, it was empty. And just like last night, I stayed for awhile outside to catch GLOBE’s signal. Lairy and Kristine then came. They just had breakfast. My pocket’s empty, literally. I attempted to borrow money from them but they were bound for the city so they can’t lend me any. I then looked for Jo Ann, my HS schoolmate, but she was not around. I think I’m going to die from hunger. If only there was no rain then I could have gone to town to withdraw in my ATM account. Ah, the wonders of having a car. If I had one, even it’d be a secondhand, I could go to the city (or anywhere else for the matter) anytime I want – rain or shine. I’ve seen these San Diego used cars and mind you, they don’t look like “used” at all. For practicality’s sake, why would you buy a new one if there are those out there that may even function the same way but will cost you less? This also goes to all other items, not just cars, of course. Spending and saving money is simply a matter of choice and of being wise.


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Yea. So at last this new layout and WordPress is online. I had to upload everything ‘outside’ the dorm because the Computer Room was full when I checked it earlier this evening. Furthermore I realized that maybe I cannot access my cPanel in the dorm’s Internet connection since it’s still a “school connection” (it happens that its IP is blocked or something). I was wet when I arrived at the dorm because it was slightly raining when I left the café. I stayed for awhile at the canopied lobby and utilized my Globe UnliTXT. Drat. The signal’s too weak, (why did SMART die? x_x) as well as the pick-up of my unit. So basically, there’s none at all in our room. The APO peeps came and also stayed, waiting for the rain to go.

When I passed the Computer Room, there were no longer laptops using the Internet hubs. Fascinating. I saw Grace An on the telephone and asked if Kristine was in their room. She was asleep so I borrowed her ASUS from Lairy, who was playing. Nyahah. And for some reason, the Internet use tonight is extended until 11. Neat. A personal laptop is something that I really wish. Perhaps the Sony VAIO thingy. When I was in Manila two weeks ago, Joey, my HS classmate, stressed out to me that it’s the latest release of Sony. Or is it? Because this afternoon our teacher in Bio20 brought one but it had a Windows 98 OS. So what does that imply? Whatever, the VAIO sign/logo rocks. I think it won’t do bad if used in tattoos designs. Hehe.