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Posted on September 29, 2007 at 19:56 Down the Drain

The rain continues to pound the roof. What is up with him?

I merely surfed the Internet the whole afternoon. Look at the wonders of the availability of the Internet in the dorm. No, really, it’s a very good thing – as well as refreshing. Right now, it’s for free. Well, should be. All you need to have is a laptop (or computer if you’re brawn enough to carry it, haha) and patience for an hour, if you’re too unfortunate that all the spots are already taken. Being in this university is such a privilege. There’s no doubt about it. Talk about the cheap tuition (err, aside from the recent TOFI – Tuition and Other Fees Increase) and dormitories.

When I was toured around UP Diliman two weeks ago by my high school classmates, I learned that in their respective buildings/colleges, you cannot enter without presenting an ID. We went to the library and if I didn’t bring my ID, then I would’ve been left outside, watching the enormous structure. The same thing happened when we went to the gym (College of Human Kinetics) to watch the UP Pep Squad perform. While in here, the use of the Identification Card is only in the library, when borrowing books. And unlike in UPD, it’s not even used as an entrance requirement. Well, this campus is only big in terms of land area and not of buildings and student population so I guess it’s not an issue at all. Also, since we’re talking about ID’s, I just wanna share that we just had ours here renewed. What I mean is its appearance. It looks like a ‘true’ ID now, unlike before, which looked like one in regular public high schools. Hehe. Claiming one would mean surrendering the old one. That’s why we had to lie about losing our ID’s when we came to the Registrar’s Office during the enrollment. But it turns out that the old one’s merely holed twice to become unusable. I was saved from presenting an Affidavit of Loss. I have no idea how to get or make one.

Honestly, things such as this and other payments to the government i.e. tax still remain a bit vague to me – on how they’re circulated, etc. What kind of a Filipino citizen am I? x_x; Maybe I should go and see this San Diego tax lawyer.


  1. Aiko
    September 29, 2007 at 20:47

    Wow, talk about strict! An identification card must be really essential. Imagine if it was raining outside and you forgot your ID. Harsh.

    Anyway, I just want to reply to your comment at B-M. I’m thinking of closing the site because it is way too expensive. Approximately, I have to pay $100 NZD and in terms of how much I earn, it is a lot. My mum refuses to pay for it because ever since July when she first decided for us to have a trip back there (there I mean the Philippines), she has strictly tightened grip around all of our expenses especially those which is not compulsory. Haha. I’ll try and see if I can persuade her in paying the hosting.


  2. xiAn
    September 29, 2007 at 21:54

    sa bawat buildings talagang kailangan ng id. pero pati sa gym?! O.o okei… that’s something really strict. Sabagay yung pesteng school ko din eh mismo entrance pa lang sa gate eh kailangan na tlaga ng id. I remember when i forgot my id. AMP! Pinauwi ako! AMP talaga. Sayang sa pamasahe!

    btw– how are you? ^^


  3. Serene
    September 30, 2007 at 04:01

    haha the internet access remind me of the one at my friend’s old hostel…without the brawny part 8)


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