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Posted on September 29, 2007 at 16:49 Down the Drain

Since then, I never really considered Politics to be of my grasp one day. It’s suicidal. I mean, entering it’s domain is just like entering World War III – the complicated interconnections of nations and everything. Politics is broad. It doesn’t necessarily refer to government officials (our teacher in SocSci26 “Geography” emphasized this one time) out there because everything has it. I actually remember someone talking to me about the “Politics of a chair”. *wonders* I’m referring to the government here by the way. Others think differently, of course, while some are simply inclined to it. Corruption is an actor who always stars in the mind of every Politician. Some might say – especially those who are still on campaigns – that they will kill this ‘actor’ and do things for the betterment of everyone. Nyeh. I never believed in such thing. I see corruption as inevitable. It’s money that’s in your hands, so why would you let go of it? Theft of the people’s money happens in small and big scales. Nevertheless, I am not saying that absolutely everyone does this deed. Perhaps there are still those concerned enough to do what is right. And of course, what would happen to a nation without these people behind the government? With regards to this matter, if you are interested in U.S. Politics, you might want to check out George Lindemann. Lastly, I am not saying that I am closing my doors. But I really can’t see myself with it.

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  1. gravatar.com kingdaddyrich
    September 29, 2007 at 19:11

    sino bang gugustuhing marinig ang salitang pulitika lalo na ang Pulitikang Pinoy… masama ang tingin ng karamihan sa atin sa mga pulitiko sa bansa…


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