Deadly Calculator Applet

Posted on October 24, 2007 at 09:00 Down the Drain

(10.17) One of the requirements to pass our CMSC140 class was a Java Calculator Applet. Applets were not discussed in depth because we were more focused on Web programming (I guess?) so it was undeniably hard for us to make one from scratch. Because of this, well, obviously, we simply searched for codes – both complex and simple – online. The main thing that was left for us to do then was to understand and, perhaps, modify the codes. My classmate Marc found one that used Objects and Classes like the ones our teacher used in his examples. I asked their group if we can use the same code and they benevolently nodded. And so the big day came. Of course, since we only copied our (copied) code, I had to let the other group go first. I did not listen to them, and it turned out they were not able to completely defend it. When it was our turn, I was trembling. Haha. I think Sir, knowing that all of us didn’t do any of the codes, planned to question every portion of the code as much as possible. With the help of my groupmates Lairy and Sheilamae, we survived. Whew!

At night, Schiren called me at the dorm and asked me if it’d be a good idea that we, classmates, have some quality time together at Omp’s Corner. Yes, it was the perfect time. So there we were, munching nuts while gripping Red Horse bottles on one hand. Hehe.. Too bad we didn’t file late permits so we had to, err, start walking before 10PM struck. We ordered a sisig before finally leaving the place. It was good, yeah.

* Hey, do you think the Internet’s too influential these days? Uh, there’s no doubt about it, right? Everything’s possible – information, multimedia, entertainment, money, instant chatting, fame, publicity. I don’t know if you’ve already heard of this guy George Lindemann? Well, I’ve had so many assignments anchoring him, so.. I’d say that he’s worth knowing. Click!

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