A Final Taste of PHP

Posted on October 24, 2007 at 09:15 Down the Drain

(10.18) After the bloody Calculator applet, there was one more thing to do before the semester got its conclusion – the HTML form validation using (JavaScript and) PHP. When we got out the lab late in the afternoon the day we presented our applets, fog was covering the campus. It was amazing to look at. For me, it was the school’s environment’s way of saying goodbye to us.. That night, when I entered the dorm, Thea told me that my eyes were different. She immediately knew the reason herself. I think that was also the night when Ethel Booba entered the PBB House in a flamboyant (according to Toni) costume. Despite having taken beer, I think I still slept around 2 that ‘night’ and was still able to go to school by 9.

I was so excited for my exercise to be checked so that I can finally grab some ticket home. JavaScript didn’t seem to work in my code so I had to ask Sir what was wrong. He simply told me to refer to the Firefox Error Console. Done. After a series of debugging, everything seemed fine. Sir checked my work but caught one thing – directly accessing the logout link should only display logout confirmation if there’s a session in the first place. With that, I was left to add more code (and in fact do a series of trials). But it turned out that all I had to do was copy the same code when accessing the main menu after logging in. I said goodbye to my classmates thereafter and left them important segments of my codes. My world turned upside down when I knew that there were no longer available slots for the plane for the following day. I walked to the dorm with a heavy stomach. With no other choice left to do, I decided that I have to try cutting sea trips this time: Iloilo-Cebu and Cebu-Nasipit. I asked tips from Jo Ann (a HS schoolmate) since she frequently does this routine. It seemed fine, and I hoped to be fine after two days.

* Being home right now isn’t so boring after all. I found these funny videos in the computer and there was this one where a lady was walking by the shore and seeing a hot guy who just got himself done and was doing his clothes one by one. Simultaneously, she made seductive gestures while drinking Coke Light only to find out in the end that the guy is a priest. ^_^ In life, we should think before acting. That is, know one before taking actions that deal with him/her. Some things are simply irresistible though. [random] With regards to this, does the name Neil Crespi ring any bell to you? You should check him out.

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