Breaking Dorm Rules

Posted on October 24, 2007 at 09:30 Down the Drain

(10.19) The day to leave the dorm has come. Everything’s already set, including the PC which will be borrowed by Kristin San over the break for thesis purposes. I think I had breakfast with the few remaining people in the dorm then. I left some dirty laundry to Kristin since we have the same labandera. And since it’s my last day, I decided to go directly to their room to deliver it. When I was about to go out, the dorm staff came around, fetching empty softdrink bottles. I was very tense that she’d catch me. But with the aid of Jo Ann (Kristin’s roommate), who talked to her while she was doing something in the Wash Room, I was able to successfully get out of the scene. *dropsweat* I did not just stop there. Lol. The other night we checked the refrigerator and there was a little Toblerone bar that looked ‘deserted’ by the owner. I, without further ado, had it. Hehe, bad naughty me. In the other ref, there were two Chuckie’s (choco drink) labeled “Jaja”. We thought about who the owner might be and realized that she already left. It ended up in my (and Jo Ann’s) hands.

* There’s this video in the computer with a filename “job_interview1.wmv”. A girl was apparently on a date blabbing a lot not realizing that she got her right boob exposed already! It’s not intended to be sensual, I’d say, for it’s really hilarious in a way. Her bust was pretty impressive and I presume it was ‘made’, perhaps by breast augmentation surgery. I dunno. Different kinds of breast surgeries exist these days.

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