Seasickness, Never

Posted on October 24, 2007 at 09:45 Down the Drain

It was 10 o’clock when I left Miag-ao last October 19. Upon arriving at Iloilo City, specifically at SM, I immediately stopped by the Traveler’s Lounge to buy a boat ticket. It cost over P950.00 (vessel was Trans-Asia). The trip was scheduled 5PM so I stayed at SM to kill the time and buy stuffs. In no time, my pocket was already almost empty. I was somehow worried because I could not withdraw (LBP) in BDO. I met my dormmate Zeny and she was mourning over the same thing – bank branch is offline. Off I went to the pier at 4:30 and in the taxi (I just had to take one because I’ve had a bad experience of being ‘late’ in such trips) that I rode, the driver was ranting about the passenger before me. The vessel’s tourist accommodation was perfectly fine. I also liked the fact that there were a lot of people around me, many of them professionals who seemed to have attended some seminar. After eating KFC for dinner, my mosquito net was all over my bed and subsequently, I dreamed.

The following morning, I found out that four of my schoolmates were also in the ship all along! There was Ate Kat, Asylla, Donna, and Ate Gail. Ate Kat was fetched by his father in their car. Good thing, for at least I had a sure ride to SM City Cebu. It was already a Saturday. Unlike SM City Iloilo, the Traveler’s Lounge had no tickets available for the vessel going to Mindanao. Grr.. I watched a movie, ate lunch, and surfed Netopia before being fetched by my cousins. I bought my ticket in this busy street in Cebu, Colon. Then I went to my cousins’ (Ate Ivy and Jid) boarding house at Urgello. Their place was small and cool. When we went to the pier before 8, I was very surprised to see that the terminal was loaded with people. It was the first time I saw such thing. Sandwiched by people, I dropped my bag to relax my arm. The lady behind me reacted, saying that it hit her foot. She was a cool lady. She then assured me that she was fine and with a very youthful accent, said, “Taasa nimo uy. Pila may height nimo?”

Thank God, I arrived in our house in Butuan City safe and sound, after successfully getting my way from Nasipit port to the bus and jeepney terminal. I stayed for a day in Butuan, either navigating Gaisano Mall (where I unexpectedly met Claire, a HS classmate) or simply lying on the bed. And! This one important thing I did for the very first time. I shaved off my mustache! The feeling was weird. I kinda felt bad about doing it. Then again, I will eventually have to do it in the future, right? With this, do you think I thought that my appearance now look better? Hahah, definitely yes if Oakland face lift would do me further. But yeah, honestly, I didn’t know what to feel.


  1. Christian
    October 29, 2007 at 08:38

    I haven’t road a ship yet. Hanggang banngka pa lang ang nasasakyan ko. Lol. Wow naman, ang dami mong nameet hu?

    Ah, I hate shaving. Kaso required kami na magshave. Eek.


  2. Euri
    October 30, 2007 at 11:39

    Sometimes, I wanna try going to Cebu too or something. I heard it’s beautiful there.


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