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Posted on October 5, 2007 at 19:01 Down the Drain

I’m wearing the GLOBE shirt I got during the Y4iT (Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology). The question was something like this, “What makes GLOBE unique?” My answer was simply “Lahat posible.” and poof! One free t-shirt. ^_^ It’s quite funny that I’m a SMART user (answers were sent via SMS) yet they still considered me as a winner. Hehe. The design is neat. Many of my friends had something to say about it even though the cloth’s pretty ‘thin’ (as what my classmate JP remarked, “It basically serves as giveaways.”). My ex-roommate told me that it’s nice, my dormmates at the lobby when I arrived this afternoon said that it’s my sponsor (LOL), and Erika had to ask from my classmate where I got it when we had dinner. Fufu..

Our group didn’t finish all of our report in Java. I was actually pissed for some time because it appeared that they never really took into consideration the time allotment. In Geography Sir Fernandez had a summary lecture. I was sleepy the whole duration of the class. Just can’t help it. Hehe. In Bio20 Sir Malecosio did not come to class! Well, not really. It turned out that he was just late, and failed to inform one of us. We immediately escaped the classroom when a PH student checked and found out that he was not in the Faculty Room. (another) Hehe. In CMSC140 Sir Cabunducan discussed more on PHP and MySQL and gave the details of our final exercise. Lastly, our Assembly Programming project’s finally working! Yea! I never thought we’d finish it this early. Without the aid of my partner, I would’ve been stuck on how to extract digits from a 4-digit input until now. All that’s left to do is how to randomize the 4-digit number to be guessed! Our game’s “Mastermind” by the way. Gonna upload it here as soon as it’s already checked.


  1. Mariana
    October 6, 2007 at 06:35

    Hi there! A long time ago you contacted me for applying to be a staff member.. It was a long time ago, i bet you forgot but sorry for not contacting you sooner! I think my email may have seen you as spam so I couldnt see it.. But I kinda found your submission. If you’re still interested, let me know! Again sorry for not contacting you sooner!


  2. xiAn
    October 6, 2007 at 21:20

    BIAS ka pala XDDD!! LOL!


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