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Posted on October 7, 2007 at 12:49 Down the Drain

Yesterday I woke up from a very weird but magnificent dream. I was in a shopping mall (most probably it was SM) where you get killed by the salespersons or by any other reason! Really, it was very scary. More surprisingly, it had two ‘installments’. The first one was concluded when two guys of my company finally got reunited with their friend’s ghost, the one responsible for the haunting. As I remember, I was watching them on the top floor as they held hands and raised them together. The music then was “Love Erin Shore” by The Corrs. That scene appeared so sweet to me due to the fact that I like that music too. When I awoke, I was totally amazed that I tried to think all about it again and eventually fell asleep. As I said, some sort of continuation of it materialized in my mind then. More murders came. {x_x} The last scene that I could remember was a family and group of salesmen were exchanging javelin throws aimed at each other. Then there were those fellow teens playing darts that didn’t seem to notice that killings around the mall are already happening.

Such a great dream. When I finally got up I watched Power Rangers SPD. It was an episode where they were rescued by an unknown Ranger which turns out to be from the future (he was still in today’s episode and rescued them again from the monster that uses infinite rays of light through a mirror to trap objects). His outfit was cool – white and blue. In the end they knew that he was the boy they once knew and saved from being captured by their adversaries. He was Sam. {sigh} I really love stories like this – traversing the time dimension in order to change history. Lovely.

Whoa! Today’s the big day for Manny Pacquiao and Marco Antonio Barrera’s rematch. Neh, I am not really looking forward to it though. Hehe. Woke up today just in time for Power Rangers (again, hehe) and Inu-Yasha. Again, I’m glad that somehow, there’s still a kid inside me that looks forward to such shows. Growing up, sometimes, is a mess you know. The Inu-Yasha episode was the one in which Inu-Yasha came after Kagome in her world and ended up destroying her new bicycle. Also, Kagome’s classmates comes to their house to see the “half-diablo” for the first time and unexpectedly didn’t notice that he is one (since Inu-Yasha had a bandanna to hide his ears). KKK (Kasal. Kasali. Kasalo.) is on ABS-CBN to supposedly ‘match’ the boxing games in GMA. Many of my dormmates prefer it, while others are strong-willed enough to watch the Pacquiao-Barrera match. In the end, the two TV’s in the dorm was utilized for the two channels. Just the right thing. I pity those who’re watching KKK. {evil laugh} They should’ve watched in it in the cinema, like what I did during the fest..

This weekend is a productive one. I think somehow I have finally learned how to convince myself that having a lot of things to do is simply a matter of optimizing your time.

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