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Yesterday I went to the city of Iloilo to buy some groceries. I always do so at SM, since I have an SM Advantage Card. It would’ve been perfect except for one thing — I forgot to bring the card. What I did to motivate myself from still buying without earning points was knowing the fact that a point is earned for every P200.00 purchase only. Turned out that I lost 5 points for that matter. After leaving the stuffs at the baggage counter, I watched Stardust with my classmate. When we got out of the cinema, we knew that her classmate and its (hehe) boyfriend had their seats behind ours all along. I really find it funny that they even had to wait for us to go out so that they could let us know that they were there from the start.

Tristan (Charlie Cox) is madly in love with Victoria (Sienna Miller), but Victoria is bound to marry Humphrey (Henry Cavill). One night, while drinking wine in the open air, they see a falling star. To prove that his love is real, Tristan promises Victoria to bring that star to her. Soon he finds out that the star is actually a girl named Yvaine (Claire Danes). As he journey back home, he realizes that he’s not the only one seeking the star. There’s the King’s (Peter O’Toole) three remaining living sons — that eventually became one — who need it to become the ‘legal’ successor of the crown as well as the witch Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer), together with her two sisters, who needs it in order to achieve youth. As Tristan struggles to survive in the magical land which he crossed beyond borders, he will meet the legendary Captain Shakespeare (Robert De Niro), who turns out to be a wuss (Lol). As the battle over the star continues, Tristan realizes that true love cannot be bought by some shimmering object, and earns its real worth.

Naks! So how was the movie for me? On a rating with the highest as 10, I’d give it a 9.9. The story’s brilliant. Yes, it’s fantasy, but I’ve never seen anything like it before. The animations were great (it makes me further wonder if I can do even a puny inch of it after taking up Computer Science), it was really worth watching for me. Robert De Niro’s character is something to be really looked forward to — a strict and bold captain as you’ll see at first sight, but is actually a captain for hairstyling, fashion, and cooking also! The sole thing that made me not to perfect my rating was the way on how Lamia got killed. -_-

And oh, there’s a new animé I saw in ABS-CBN this morning that I think I’ll surely like and follow episode per episode — School Rumble! I just hope that it’ll stay during weekends as long as there’s still school!

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  1. karu
    November 12, 2007 at 19:50

    yeah…the story’s brilliant yet andaming kulang from the book… compressed version yung movie. hahaha. ambilis ng mga nangyari..walang thrill..unlike sa book. blah.


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