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Posted on February 24, 2008 at 21:13 Down the Drain

Ooh, there’s a whole lot to tell. Without further ado, here I go~

Friday: Persona non Grata activity in my Freshman dorm. It’s an activity where each wing is to have two representatives that will impersonate other personalities. The winner was the so-called Mamita (from the upper wing boys) who impersonated Charice Pempengco. Her talent was a monologue re-enactment of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She sang and even showcased some talent in acting by portraying her favorite actress, Angel Locsin. It was absolutely funny. From shouting “Aguiluz!” (Mulawin) and having wings to “Darna!” and, ultimately, lying down and shouting as in the current teleserye Lobo. :laugh: 😆 There was also Marimar and Angelica, both humorous versions. 🙂

Tuesday: The Choristers (the singing organization of the university) had their concert “Himig Pinoy: Noon at Ngayon”. As sponsors, we, Tubao (Tubong Mindanao), were in charge of the tickets and entrance. The AV Hall was full. I hope the money will turn out reasonable too.

Wednesday: Busy day. Class in Linear Algebra started at 7:00. I was able to do a “boardwork” at last and, yet again, got a high score in the quiz — 10/10. By 8:30, we, the komsai.org (Computer Science) officers, left to prepare the laboratories for the day’s contests. There was Java Programming (college) and Webpage Design (high school). I, together with our vice president, took hold of the latter. Komsai Week ’08 – Portable Technology: World in our Pockets

Thursday: Went to UP Iloilo City to attend the animation lectures. Blender, an open-source 3D graphics software (appears that the university will never be able to afford those very expensive ones such as Maya), was on board. It was worth the time. How I only wish there were more audience and participants. Anyway, I can’t wait to learn it in CMSC161 next year!

We had lunch at Jollibee and sat by the benches outside the school auditorium thereafter, waiting. Ma’am Halique, our CMSC131 & CMSC124 teacher, was together with us. Two of my classmates bought a Rubik’s Cube (individually) and got tips and demonstration from a friend on how to solve it. Me? Pass. It was 30 minutes past 1:00 when the lectures resumed. The 4th year students showed their works and got quite a lot of positive and slight negative comments. I left by 3:00 o’clock.

When I arrived at the jeepney terminal, I realized that I left my wallet to my classmate. My money was lacking P2.50! What did I do? Well, I’d rather not say it here. :tongue: The purpose of me going back early is to attend my Badminton class. Good thing, for I forgot that it was our practical exam. Ma’am Amy almost killed me. Obviously, nobody got a perfect score. :faint:

Saturday: Strong-willed enough to go to a Badminton court (that has a rubberized floor) in Iloilo for the very first time, I fatefully found a companion — Mark. All my other classmates seemed to have no longer given any interest of going since they already did so the previous Saturday. All in all, I played 5 matches, with the second from the last as the most exhausting. I paired with Mark against that guy whom Mark paired before together with a guy that looks relatively like Neil, a Chemistry student I know. It was already 7:00 when we left the place. We stopped at Robinson’s Place and settled in an “Eat All U Can” for only P58.00! :cheerful:

Tomorrow’s a non-working holiday (isn’t holidays really supposed to be non-working?) — EDSA Revolution anniversary. As always, there are academic activities to do, and I don’t know where to start.


  1. gravatar.com kingdaddyrich
    February 25, 2008 at 17:18

    hindi rin kami nauubusan ng academic shits!!


  2. gravatar.com Euri
    February 26, 2008 at 13:49

    Edsa revolution celebration a.k.a. rally thing is shit. *lol*


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