Gatecrash and Fahrenheit

Posted on July 17, 2008 at 21:28 Down the Drain

Redbolts, the academic group that compose six courses in the college where I belong, is notorious for having its acquaintance party in the covered court every year. After a series of acquaintance parties — Tubong Mindanao (Tubao) and Balay Gumamela a.k.a. GD (Dorm) — that I have been through so far in my last year (hopefully) of schooling, I have had the strong willpower of conducting a gatecrash in this lot. Together with my other plans, I need to make the best out of this year! Hehe. And so, last Friday, after going to the College of Fisheries’ party, I, together with my party comrade Lairy, went straight to the court after a quick session at Omp’s Corner. It was already midnight when we made our way in the already-vulnerable gate. Roxanne, our classmate who shifted to a “Redbolts course”, greeted me. In a flash, the scene during the disco at the dorm happened again. Spending the remaining hours until the next opening of the dorms (@5:30) in the bakery in town wasn’t that easy, especially when other people are LOL-ing in the brink of dawn. Another mission accomplished. N (where N is a positive integer) still remains. :pirate:


If you’re a Filipino currently residing in the Philippines like me, then I think you must’ve also heard about the Wu Chun (bottom right) and Calvin Chen (top right) mania. I first became quite familiar of this Wu Chun when my classmate would always skip playing balls to watch Hana Kimi. Also, because of another series that goes by the title “Romantic Princess”. Ultimately, they’ve come to visit the country. As I watch the two Taiwanese from the band Fahrenheit on TV, I couldn’t help but reminisce the F4 days. Really. It was summer and I was an incoming sophomore high school when they hit the screens and captured the hearts of everyone. The sight of Chun and Calvin singing one of their songs also reminds me of how the music of F4 conquered the local music charts for months even though without the lyric subtitles, it totally couldn’t be understood. Hearing the two speak quite some good English was another interesting thing. I have always believed that if you are a celebrity then you should at least be able to speak some basics of the universal language. I know, for sure, that girls all throughout the country have gone mad while facing their television sets. Here in the dorm they were yelling unstoppably. I even heard of one in the other dorm who actually rolled on the floor. Say what?! 🙂


  1. ShiD
    July 18, 2008 at 07:00

    syempre pa at talagang nakafeature din sila wu chun.. :cheerful:

    di ko maxado napanood ang hana kimi.. pero yung romantic princess nasusundan ko kahit pano.. and ok naman ang series.. hehe..

    anyways.. ok lang naman ang page view ko sa blog ko.. or hindi ko lang siguro natyetyempuhan.. hehe..

    oxa.. i’ll post as soon as i can. ayt? :tongue:


  2. Christel
    July 18, 2008 at 14:05

    they know how to speak english because they both went to english-speaking countries for college. XD calvin went to canada and chun to australia. O:


  3. Euri
    July 25, 2008 at 13:20

    Fahrenheit = F4 2nd generation. XD

    I think Wu Chun should start getting himself an English name. WTH?


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