Posted on July 23, 2008 at 15:49 Down the Drain

Our university is having its 61st Foundation Week and today is set for the annual street painting competition. Upon waking up at 7:30 because of my noisy roommates (hehe) and noticing the hostile weather, I did not hesitate to go back to sleep. Midday was about to strike when I awoke next. My roommate (who’s a University Student Council meaning that he’s one of the busiest folks this week) came in and told me that I missed all the fun. The point that is missing here is that, I didn’t absolutely know that today also holds the Larong Pinoy (Filipino folk games)! Drat, even though I may eventually forget all about it, I could have had fun even just watching. I heard the chancellor and dean of our college also played. Argh! My self-discipline is really such a mess. I need to start always getting up at 7:30 if it’s the last thing I must do here on earth!

I had lunch with my dormmates Eunice and Jennifer and then headed to the school pathwalk, where the street painting was held because of the rain. Supposedly, it would be on the road by the dorm area. I bought a bath soap in the cooperative and took a stroll to look at everything. The first spot was owned by our dorm and it was already done. Plain and neat with the line, “Pa-Omp’s ta!” Genguken, the animé club I’m in, was the second one I noticed. They drew such cute chibis. Then, one after another, I looked at the Elektrons, UP Akeanon,, and UP Tubao. When I came back to the dorm I was still able to bring “painted” hands. Yet, I still feel unsatisfied.

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  1. Christel
    July 25, 2008 at 18:58

    i feel sorry for you then. :)) i always miss lots of fun too because i’m always outdated.. plus the fact i’m lazy. haha.

    i know what you feel about what your dorm mates’ work. haha of course if i were you too i’d expect to see a better one. XD

    p.s: yup my sis studies there.. taking up masters. o:


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