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Posted on August 31, 2008 at 23:00 Down the Drain

Today marks the last day of eliminations for this year’s sportsfest. We managed to top our bracket (which means that we move on to the semis) in Tennis but the girls had their first loss. It was a very, very close fight. Both of them in singles scored 5-7. It was somewhat heartbreaking yet that’s it. Shit happens. It happened. The good part is, they’re not yet eliminated, so they still have a chance to make it somewhere in the Top 3. On a different sport, I can almost not believe that our Basketball team lost for the second time. It’s “eliminated” for them. Their first loss was during last week’s first set of elims in which they scored only 2 points behind that of the Fisheries team. This time, I heard that it was only 5 or 6 points against the Scions. The sad part? Well, they just happened to be the champion last year — and they were twice-to-beat! Oh, well. Change happens.

I went to the church today after a series of Sundays without doing so. I have to thank Someone for all the happy things (even though I am no longer capable of remembering all of ’em this instant) that’s been lately. I surpassed exams, won my games, acquired new belongings, and had the opportunity of attending an IT congress for the second time. I sat beside Sahara (a friend who’s a BS Economics student) and it was interesting on how she were asking things which related to the homily… I had 3 cups of rice and Adobong baboy and fried chicken for dinner. Heavy, huh. We won’t be having a class in our Computer Graphics (animation using Blender) subject tomorrow so that leaves only our exam in World Literature for for certain we won’t meet in our Systems Analysis subject in the afternoon because we have to be on the airport for our flight at 17:00 o’clock. It’s gonna be bye-bye school for a week starting tomorrow.

A few lines by Jeff Lew:

“C’mon. We’re animators. We’re not supposed to be smart.”

(after talking about a specific feature in animation)
“You’ll love it. If you don’t love it yet, you better love it.”


  1. Matoda
    September 3, 2008 at 03:19

    Bye-bye school for you?
    Lucky… I just said hello. =/


  2. rozeh
    September 11, 2008 at 18:59

    Welcome to Manila, Nels!


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