New Footwears!

Posted on August 29, 2008 at 23:30 Down the Drain

For the first time (sounds like a movie starring KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez to me lol) since I stepped into college, I finally bought a brand new pair of shoes. Oh, yeah! I AM LOVING IT SO MUCH. :cheerful: I didn’t actually plan on buying one today for I was to only get a new haircut at the good old salon that makes me happy and buy new slippers that will hopefully satisfy my sweaty feet until I realized how poor-looking my shoes really are already that one more wash and it’ll definitely come to its end. (Wait, that makes me remember that this is already my second pair of shoes in college. Teehee) I currently have three sneakers and they’re all the same — very tampered, open to water penetration, and no longer fully reliable when engaging in sports. When Mama surprisingly approved my request of buying one, I did not hesitate to look up for one that suits me well and with an affordable price. In the end, I decided on a black slip on Skechers (something like the one below). This’ll be my first time using such type of shoes and brand. I wish a long life for this pair. :sweat: And oh, the slippers I bought are the so called Havaianas. It’s colored brown with prints of the brand name letter h all over. Do I count myself in now? 😆 I’mma post pictures of these two for sure. Soon.

Camuflada Skechers

You might be wandering why I’m having all these new haircut and slippers and shoes. Well it’s because for the upcoming Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology in UP Diliman this year. Obviously, it’s not an event that truly requires grooming. I’m just seeing the fact that I’m not from Manila and I barely even go there. Everybody does such thing, right? (If you’re a Filipino and you’ll disagree with me, I’ll hunt you down anywhere you wish to go.) I’ll be leaving by Monday afternoon and will stay there for a week. To my online buds, would you mind an eyeball (I just love this word)? I haven’t tried it yet though. :laugh: There are still many things I’d love to blog about and hopefully they’ll be all up next time. ‘Til then!

Edit: Check this out. What do you see in the title again? :tongue: It’s thanks to Euri who was the one who initially told me about the tutorial. Glad to be of help to others.


  1. Christel
    August 30, 2008 at 20:55

    nice sketchers. XD haven’t bought shoes there. i have one high cut chucks from converse and i think it’s really cute. XD i think that will last longer. havaianas.. sosyal ka ha. hahaha.

    eyeball.. lol. XD for some reason i find it difficult to meet someone i know from the net. i happened to meet someone once and she was the only one who did the talking. HAHAHA. i don’t know if i’m free at those times you’re staying here because probably i’m cramming for our final papers. XD


  2. rozeh
    August 31, 2008 at 15:43

    I used to like EBs. I think I stopped liking it and planning last May. I don’t why. haha I think I somehow changed when it comes to communication.

    I rarely talk now! I have a long list of ym friends but I don’t chat anymore. my boyfriend told me to just delete most of the people but I couldn’t. I don’t want to. lol

    even to my offline friends, I don’t talk to them anymore.

    I think I shut myself away. T_T

    (I think my comment is becoming more O-T?)

    back to topic, cool you’re famous nelson! XD someone’s dedicated a post to you (not entirely yours but still, the title~) XD XD XD

    and back again with EBs, well like I said I used to love it. I have joined a lot of EBs like for oh so many years so maybe that’s why I got “a bit tired”. (if that’s the right term for what I’m feeling.)

    but who knows? XD

    PS. Boys nowadays tend to like those kind of shoes, no? My cousin likes those kind. Maybe it’s the trend. Haha, I’m not good when it comes to fashion~


  3. Nelson
    August 31, 2008 at 22:08

    Nah, you just can’t say that you shut yourself away. That sounds absurd. It’ll eventually be back, I believe, like other things that temporarily go.


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