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The Last Days

Posted on December 27, 2012 at 22:19 Life List 3 Comments

In a few days 2012 will be over. Whatever happened to the end of the world? More importantly, whatever happened to the rest of my year? Some things just don’t change. And that includes one’s procrastination. For the year of the snake, I intend to come up with a post and avatar and PNG each month. For now, let us go down memory lane.

It was on my birthday when I got into a series of interviews which ultimately landed me a new job. It was a whole day of torture. Out of the four, two were panel interviews, with the last one surprisingly as the most intimidating. :faint: As for my celebrations, I had three, with three different sets of friends, too. Until last year, I have never gone out to celebrate, and most of the time I end up sulking for such stupidity.

Departing from my first job was, well, quite memorable. After all, it was my first. They played two multimedia presentations with one mostly showing me drinking. 😆 I had great and wonderful messages from my bosses, particularly one which simply said, “You’re already old, you already know what you wanna do.” Somewhere in that statement, was a curse. :laugh: I’m pretty sure my scandalously boisterous laugh made a mark in my teammates. I left with no hard feelings. It was a choice carefully considered and planned.

By the time I get back on January next week, I should already be a regular employee at my second workplace. The two performance appraisals came by with me hardly realizing it. The comments I received were very amenable. It’s gonna be a high road. Before I left for the Christmas break I almost died on this one project. :no: In terms of people and the culture of the company itself, it’s quite different from what I have gotten used to. But what’s being a human for if you’re not able to adapt?

Pwning the First Quarter

Posted on April 5, 2012 at 23:43 Life List 2 Comments

What’s this year again? Golden Dragon, right? Oh, that’s Water. You see, this is what happens when New Year strikes and you intend to make some year-end post but find yourself writing nothing. Well, April’s here, and I’m about to turn another year around.


Despite all chances in the past, it was my first time to attend the Sinulog festival. On the night before my flight were the wildest parties. You know, the type that instantly makes you realize that next year you’ll be doing it again. Beers were splashed around as if the streets were beaches. Sadly, I had to call it a night at one o’clock. (Yeah, boo.) At the airport, my ATM card got blocked.

  1. Machine was, let’s say, Bank A’s.
  2. Card inserted was Bank B’s.
  3. I also have a Bank A card.
  4. PIN inputted was that of Bank A’s.

Thankfully, I borrowed money from friends before getting on the cab to the airport. That’s how my arse got saved from being left by the plane. In the darkness of the night, I had sunglasses on. :laugh: To my discomfort, the stewardess awoke me when I had just fallen asleep. Turns out the aircraft’s already landed and everyone’s already deplaned. 😯

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