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One for the Sky!

Posted on December 18, 2011 at 22:02 Life List 4 Comments

On my last day at work I walked a thousand miles from the mall to the office and back to the mall where I ate my heart out at Conti’s with five workmates. That was officially our last meal together for the year, after they bought my lie of going home on the 21st. However, considering that my flight the following morning was at four o’clock, I had other plans laid ahead. 😉 The remaining hours in the office were spent in the sub-team’s year-end meeting, where we shortly watched Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show thereafter. 😎

Dinnertime was with teammates who were still around the office. We fled to the neighboring tower (the tallest in the country) where I met a college batch-mate. I didn’t bother eating and had a few bottles from the buckets served instead. Our manager was with us and the conversation ran deep as the night grew darker, with fireworks being shot into the sky. Afterward we transferred to Central where I lost my cool after phoning someone. In between soberness and displeasure, I made my way home (just a few steps away) to leave and charge my phone and withdraw money. After kissing the shot glass goodbye, I was dropped off at the office to fetch my plastic money and print the e-ticket. Boarding the plane was smooth, with only a packed hand luggage and knapsack left. I was knocked out the entire flight, only waking up to consume instant noodles and gulp water. Ears were on the verge of explosion when I got off. Similarly, I barely stayed conscious in the bus rides. It was 12:00 when I found myself in front of our dining table. The tropical storm Sendong made his mark in our town.

Looking back, I wonder how things would have gone if I arrived at the airport without the ticket and panicked under the influence. The experience was for the book, of course. And I should really be thankful that I got home in one piece, safe, and sober. Still, something was definitely not right that night.

Looong Weekend

Posted on September 10, 2011 at 22:34 Life List 4 Comments

Would you believe it was already two weeks ago? Silly time, having to fly fast again…

The plane still managed to touch down Iloilo City despite my mobile phones not being turned off. Shame, isn’t it? That should already be around 8:00 and I was very delighted to see vans that are transporting passengers to the city proper for only 50 pesos. Another hour of travel via jeepney and I was already back in the town where I spent my college years and to the dormitory where I spent my last three years. Two dorm mates accompanied me for dinner—classic sisig and buttered chicken —at Omp’s Corner. We got back past 11:00—beyond the new curfew—and I was just astounded at how true what the dorm staff said was. The TV hardly interests the residents. They’re all busy looking at their laptops while the appliance just lies there, eating up electricity. The place was very nostalgic that I thought of staying at the lobby longer. But I just got drowsy in no time.

Mugged Oblation

I got up early on Friday, eager to see a tennis class by my volleyball, <guess what>, and badminton teacher. Sadly, there wasn’t. While waiting for my classmate who was also to claim her diploma, I broke the fast at Heaven’s Bliss which is now in a new location. (I was glad that the folks there still recognize me.) Claiming the diploma was a breeze. They just needed an ID and voila! Continue reading…