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Kicked at Tomato Kick

Posted on March 1, 2010 at 01:14 Tipsy-Turvy No Comments

Yeeeee-haw! Here’s comes the most anticipated beer blog, babeh!

Last month’s 17th marked Ash Wednesday and before attending the last mass I dined at Maginhawa Street’s Panciteria in UP Teacher’s Village together with this blog’s authors. Subsequently, we found ourselves hurriedly consuming a liter of “Kick” at Tomato Kick, an overlooking restobar just a few blocks away.


One Hell of a Week

Posted on February 6, 2010 at 14:24 Tipsy-Turvy 2 Comments

Monday marked the conclusion of our C++ subject and hurray — no MP (machine problem; geeky term for “project”). As a commemoration, I ate out at Kyusinero ’round Kalayaan Avenue with two classmates. Buckets kept coming and soon we moved to Sangkalan at Q Ave where we karaoke~d on stage. Home @ 4:00?

As for Wednesday… Ate isaw behind the UP College of Law and proceeded to Sarah’s at Krus na Ligas. The presence of a classmate who rarely comes about triggered the lines, “Just two bottles” and “We’ll be off early.” Of course, they were defied. :laugh: We even went to Khuya’s at Cubao for good rounds of singing. Home @ 4:00.

For Friday, we dined at Panciteria in Maginhawa and then tasted Pino Bar’s Margarita which eventually led to a few lights and smuggled Boy Bawang. Home @ 2:00.

How do you look at me now? I’m afraid this is just the beginning of the wonders of being young…